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General Rules

Post by MalikTH on 5/19/2017, 9:17 am

Like most communities throughout the Internet, guidelines are put in place to maintain order and to ensure that this community is a safe place for people to post in. By participating here, you agree to follow the ruleset outlined below. They are subject to change, so check back frequently to see any changes.

#1: Respect other users.
Sounds simple, and that's mostly because it is. Treat others not only the way you would want to be treated, but even better.

#2: No minimodding.
Use the report button. Don't say things along the lines of "I'm not a mod, but..." and try to enforce the rules yourself. While we appreciate your concern, it causes clutter and may get you into trouble as well, and the report button serves much the same purpose.

#3: No NSFW content. Ever.

#4: Use readable English.
For the sake of keeping everyone able to understand each other, stick to speaking English. We are understanding about non-native speakers, and will be lenient about being "correct" English, and may even help you if you reach out to them and ask nicely. That being said, and this goes especially for fluent English speakers, ensure what you're writing is actually understandable. Punctuation and grammar exist for a reason, and while it's not expected for you to be perfect, you are expected to make a good effort in using them to make what you say be legible.

#5: Respect others' opinions.
Everyone is entitled to think whatever they want, whenever they want. Opinions are destined to clash at some point or another, and that's just how life is. What's not OK, though, is to attack people on their opinions because they don't match yours. Some civil back-and-forth is reasonable and fair. Ripping into people because they disagree with you is not. Such action does nothing to sway an argument, but instead makes you look like crap.

We hope you have a great time here. Good luck and have fun! Very Happy

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