Frequently Asked Questions and How to Submit your Character

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Frequently Asked Questions and How to Submit your Character

Post by MalikTH on 5/19/2017, 12:17 pm

How to Submit your Character
To submit your character, simply make a new thread in this forum with the below template.
[*] [b]Name:[/b] Bob Example
[*] [b]Species:[/b] Hedgehog
[*] [b]Gender:[/b] Male/Female
[*] [b]Alignment:[/b] Hero/Anti-Hero/Villain
[*] [b]Affiliation (if any):[/b]

A paragraph

A paragraph

A wall of text

[b]Powers and Abilities[/b]
A paragraph

Name: The name of your character.
Species: The species of your character. If it is a Pokémon, list the Pokédex number, too.
Gender: Your character's gender.
Alignment: Can be hero, anti-hero, or villain.
Affiliation: If your character is a part of a group or organization, list that here.
Appearance: What does your character look like? Must be at least a paragraph.
Personality: How does your character act? Must be at least a paragraph.
History: What is your character's backstory? Must be at least two paragraphs.
Powers and Abilities: What are your character's powers? Must be a least a paragraph.
Weaknesses: What are your character's flaws? There has to be at least five flaws.

This post will be updated as questions are asked.

Q: What do I do here?
A: This forum allows you to submit fan characters, which you can then use in roleplays on this forum. It will also be added to my personal canon, which is kept up-to-date on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Q: Why was my character declined?
A: Your character did not meet the guidelines and/or the format listed above. Revise and reply to your post to get it checked again. Your character could also have some flaws that may need to be fixed first.

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